I work in Cinema 4D, Adobe AFter Effects, and various supporting programs to create 2D and 3D animations. Medical, molecular, scientific, device, and general art film creation services available. Narration services also offered.

Boat on a River: Simple animation sketch.  © Mesa Schumacher 2015.

DNA Condensation for Cell Mitosis: 3D molecular animation explaining DNA structure from double helix to condensed chromosomes. Narrated by Austin Lewis.  © Mesa Schumacher 2014

The Kidney: 3D animation of the structures of the kidney from gross anatomy down to the level of the glomerulus. The goal of this piece was to give a give a general overview of the anatomy.  © Mesa Schumacher 2014

Fish Tessellation Animation: An ode to tessellation illustration.© Mesa Schumacher 2014

Pseudotumor Cerebri Animation Storyboard

Storyboard from Pseudotumor Cerebri Patient Education Animation.  © Mesa Schumacher 2014


Medical animation, scientific animation, and storyboarding services for biomedical visualization.  Anatomical art, medical illustration by medical illustrator Mesa Schumacher.  Hire a medical illustrator, who is also a sculptor and animator.